We provide coaching and training on conventional (WF) and Agile project management disciplines. Our courses also include transformation of programs and projects into Agile environment. The Agile courses are designed for training and coaching champions and teams in vertical and horizontal governance in both business and technical environments. The following courses are designed for in-person and e-learning formats and use team gamification, simulation, microlearning, and dynamic quizzes:

  • Project Management
  1. Mandatory qualifying course of 35 hours for PMP certification exam (remote training, includes unlimited access to quizzes).
  2. Preparation for PMP certification (remote or in class training) – 8 hours crash course (includes 1h quiz).
  3. Preparation for PMP certification – 1 hour crash course (remote training, includes unlimited access to quizzes).
  4. Preparation for PMP certification – 16 hours – weekend intensive training (remote training, includes unlimited access to quizzes).
  • Advanced Project Management
  1. Cost Management – 16 hours (remote training, includes unlimited access to quizzes).
  2. Financial Management in the Programs and Projects (Recommended Prerequisite: PMP certification or Cost Management course) – 8 hours (including 1h quiz, plus analysis).
  • Transformation to Agility
  1. Understanding of Agile (1h).
  2. Pragmatic and tactical planning in Agile environments (4h).
  3. Leadership in Scrum and Kanban frameworks (2h).
  4. Teaming in Scrum and Kanban Frameworks (2h).
  5. Applying Lean processes in Agile project management (2h).
  6. Project portfolio and program management in Agile operation (2h).
  • Business Analysis
  1. General principles, structural approaches, documentation and tools.
  2. Business modeling and tools.
  3. Business processes and information systems: applications, data flow, tools, and techniques.
  4. Preparation for CBAP certification exam.

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