Management consulting services to the IT, finance, telecom, retail, manufacturing and government.
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Managed Projects

  • Business case, business analysis and implementation of an ERP with advanced inventory and logistics management features.
  • Development of a business case for an Enterprise Reporting System.
  • Development and implementation of change management processes for the enterprise project management system.
  • Development and implementation of a document routing for projects configuration management.
  • Development and implementation of a document routing for business fulfillment processes.
  • Provided business analysis and quality management services on numerous projects; technical and business leadership.
  • Development of the initial version of architecture for the Ontario Water Resources Information System (WRIS).
  • Setting up a QA management system, development of test plans and test cases for multiple automotive parts manufacturers.
  • Planning, estimating, coordinating, prototyping, presenting, developing, testing, deploying, measuring, troubleshooting.
  • Supporting, reviewing, auditing, proposing, procuring.
  • Development of an enterprise architecture framework for process driven operation structure.
  • Development of rows one and two of the Zackhman framework for a distributed information management system.
  • Development and implementation of architecture for a large network to support widely distributed corporate offices.
  • Daisy Enterprise Architecture addresses 5Ws and supports all content, processes, people, policies, and system framework.

[tabby title=”Architecture”]
Managed Projects

  • Technology transformation projects included re-engineering of applications and infrastructure.
  • Implementation and hosting of a web-based ERP and integration with CRM and QuickBooks. This application serves multiple clients accounts that managed at the accounting and bookkeeping company. It has extended functionality for the inventory, stock and logistics management, and integrated with projects portfolio management.
  • Financial securities brokerage platform. This web-based application is connected to a few leading stock exchanges, and provides users with market information, technical analysis, charts, alerts, trading features, securities trading accounts and portfolios, public and private trading rooms, social forums and communications.
  • Point-of-sale solution for merchant settlement processing of major credit cards via the local/regional debit networks.
  • Decision support system for handling business critical processes. The application is hosted in multi-tenant PaaS environment and utilizes such SaaS products as Documents and Records Management (DRMS), Business Process Management (BPM), Rich Content Management (CMS) and Reporting Suite.
  • Multi-tenant hosting infrastructure for proprietary Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) framework for software as a service (SaaS) products. Our rich (RIA) AJAX platform included such built-in products as CMS, DMS, BPM, Reporting, DBM, Data Migration and many others. This platform is known on market as IAB Studio (2005-2012), RIA Builder (2004) or iNetAppBuilder (2003).
  • Development of over 20 SaaS products, including communication suite, advanced online spreadsheets, and many others.
  • Development of a primary recruiting system for the government of Ontario. This application supports the government procurement flows from the acquiring job requirements and publishing ads to hiring.
  • Development and setup of a quality management processes, tracking and reporting system for the automotive manufacturers.
  • .
    ATMIC – Daisy Enterprise Architecture Framework
    ATMIC - Daisy Enterprise Architecture Framework

[tabby title=”Infrastructure”]
Managed Projects

  • Technology transformation projects included re-engineering of applications and infrastructure.
  • Building and maintaining a data centers to provide cloud computing services based on IaaS, PaaS, BPaaS for IaaS Applications.
  • Setting up a fully automated client engagement, backups and incident management processes.
  • Upgrading and patching over 200 of Oracle database servers.
  • Upgrading and patching over 140 of MS SQL servers.
  • Upgrade of WebSphere middle-ware, including all the development, staging and production environments.
  • Relocation of business critical servers to different primary and backup data centers. This project required surveying of nearly 100 applications, and re-engineering of over 30 applications due to dependency from hard coded IP addresses. Re-engineering solution applied global variable convention to all applications rather than hard coded address within each application.
  • Development of a disaster recovery plan for business critical investment applications. This project required intensive coordination and coordination with users, vendors, developers and supporting organizations.
  • Development and setup of a multi-tenant hosting platform as a service (PaaS) to support software as a service (SAAS) applications in the cloud computing environment.
  • Upgrade of multiple Lotus Notes applications to up to date version. This assignment required some re-development of business logic of the applications, their GUI and data transformation.
  • Replacement 7,500 workstations and 150 servers for a government agency through 130 locations in the province of Ontario.

[tabby title=”Training”]
Training Services

  • Preparation for PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification exam – mandatory course 35 hours.
  • Preparation for PMP Certification exam: Crash Course – 8 hours.
  • Passing PMP exam strategy – 1 hours.
  • Project Cost Management – Crash Course – 4 hours.
  • Solving Project Cost Management Puzzles – 8 hours.
  • Project Portfolio Management using Microsoft Enterprise Project Server 2013 – 16 hours.
  • Program Cost Management accounting, using MS Project and Intuit QuickBooks – 16 hours.
  • Project Time Management using MS Project – 8 hours.
  • Project Time Management using MS Project Advanced – 8 hours.
  • Project Risk Management: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, and Risk Response Strategies – 16 hours.

Quizzes for Project Management

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