Project Management

We provide project management services supported by Project Management Institute (PMI) standards. PMI is an undisputed leader in project management methodologies. We help our clients in supporting their projects, programs, and project portfolios.

Statistics show that most of the failed of didn't succeed projects because of strategical or tactical errors in their management or governance. While the project team members are responsible for particular duties, the Project Management team is responsible for overall project success and its leadership practices are critical. The success of the corporate economics require thorough planning and controlling over the projects. Today the certification in project management is a mandatory requirement on most of project management roles, while understanding of general project management principals is a need for each project team member regardless of their duties.

We manage projects and programs, and provide training services. We engine our clients' initiatives on different stages, improve and support their sustainability. Our experience includes business transformation, corporate restructuring, change management, implementation of new technologies, integration of applications and platforms, complex software and infrastructure solutions:

  • Industries: finance (banking, wealth, investment, insurance), telecom (provisioning, billing, records management), retail, real estate, manufacturing (processes, performance management), government.
  • Development of new applications and re-engineering: financial analytic and dashboards, billing, fulfilment, logistics, other solutions for the financial and business administration management.
  • Technology upgrades: databases, middleware, operating systems and hardware.
  • Process development and improvement: we use business process management tools and process optimization modeling.

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