IAB Studio 3.1 – RIA development platform for Java Developers

IAB Studio 3.1 by WorcsNet Inc – Rich Internet Application development platform for Java Developers

WorcsNet Inc is pleased to announce IAB Studio 3.1. IAB Studio is a platform for rapid development of Rich Internet Applications.

Web Applications built with IAB Studio utilize the power of the client workstation and have desktop-like functional capabilities and excellent performance. It is the only solution on the market, which allows to create sophisticated RIA applications quickly – in a matter of days, not even weeks.

IAB Studio includes in-browser development environment, page/html editors, team organizer, project organizer, instant messenger, data entry automation module, OO JS client side controls, native version control, built in Reporting Suite and Workflow Suite. It does not have ActiveX controls or applets, and yet it is as powerful as desktop development tools.

IAB Studio requires minimum development skills. It reduces an average project development time up to 80% compared to other tools, such as …NET or MacroMedia.

IAB Studio is times easier to use that other J2EE frameworks such as Struts or JSF. It also by far surpasses the capabilities of these frameworks.

Visit http://www.worcsnet.com to get a free IAB Studio version.




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