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This category outlines most of the products that ATMIC uses on its projects. This including its own and partners’ products.

Modern Court Case Management System

A well-designed CMS brings benefits to the courts, such as more efficient data entry, more effective data retrieval, better tools and enhanced bar and public access.

There many trends and issues are impacting courts that create an impetus for greater use of advanced technologes.

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ATMIC ERP with CRM is released

The first commercial implementation of ATMIC ERP with CRM released.

We have completed integration of our process driven ERP with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration opens new perspectives for the customers. Sales automation, perspective planning, order processing and warehouse management in this integrated product allow to simplify business management and administration.

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Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms 2012

In February 2012 Gartner published the results of its research in the popular series of Magic Quadrants – Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms 2012.

In 2011, business users continued to exert significant influence over BI decisions, often choosing data discovery products in addition to/as alternatives to traditional BI tools.

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Paper Trading Platform VivaTrader

Our Free Trading Simulator has been significantly modified and recently combined with a stock trading platform

We've been often asked if this service is really FREE of charge, and why?
Yes, this is FREE to all and it has been named a Free Trading Simulator.


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There is something you cannot afford to ignore if you ever considered earning on stock market. Whether you traded yourself or landed your money to a broker.

Why thousands lost their money and still loosing; there is a single reason – they do not understand what they are doing and why;

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We just launched a social networking site is a FREE tool with advanced data exchange features. Here you can post your profiles, blogs, articles, share your personal and business information, publish and manage your databases (catalogs, lists, etc).

Besides these features, you can use such products as CRM,

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Business Processing Management System for Governance of Educational Programs

We pleased to announce that we have implemented a new product for one of our customers.

Council of Ontario Universities is a panel of Ontario universities governors that manages the major higher education aspects in Ontario. One of its wings, the Ontario Council for Graduate Studies (OCGS), is in charge for graduating universities programs.

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IAB Studio Enterprise RIA Server 5.0 Released

IAB has been released Studio Enterprise RIA Server 5.0, which includes a BPM/Workflow Suite.

Posted by: Ramiz Aliev
Posted on: July 07 2006 10:50 EDT

This new set of Business Process Management tools has all of the BPM essential features such as visual real-time workflow designers,

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SOA Product Review: Get Rich Applications with WorcsNet IAB Studio

This review has been sponsored by SYS-CON and initially published inĀ SOA World Magazine, November 2006.

By Paul Kaiser

IAB Studio…
Its feature set is too rich to let a few glitches stop you from trying it out

IAB Studio is a tightly integrated set of development and runtime tools you can use to easily create browser-based applications,

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